Sweet Sixteen Was Perfect

When my daughter was coming up on her sixteenth birthday I wanted to make sure that her party was something special. My daughter is a very elegant and mature girl, and I wanted to make sure that her party fit with personality. I planned a formal party where all of the guests were meant to dress up. Thankfully I was able to find an events violinist who did a great job of keeping the atmosphere pleasant through the playing of song after song. The whole party went perfectly. My daughter celebrated her Sweet Sixteenth in a way that was different from her friends and she loved it. She was proud to have such a grown up party, and her friends were happy to have a different kind of a party to go to, too. It was all a success.

Learning To Make Glass

I decided to learn to make glass one day. Admittedly I was bored and looking for something different to do. I wanted to make beautiful glass shapes, just like the ones I’d seen glass blowers in tourist shops making. I was fascinated by this.

I had always thought of glass as a liquid because it was so taffy like when I’d seen it used by the glass blowers. The glass blower who agreed to give me lessons would pour silica sand into a mixture of sodium carbonate and lime. It was powdery until he heated it, then it became more like the glass taffy I was expecting.

I eventually was bored with glass making. It was a job which required a lot of heat to make the sand and other ingredients into glass. The rod was heavy and it took a long time. I just could not make anything pretty.

Chasing Away The Blues

My best friend broke her leg a few weeks ago and has been getting a bit grumpy. She has always been an active person, and the bed rest is driving her up the wall. Lidia has already knitted a sweater, read several books and crocheted an afghan. I knew she had the blues, so I told her yesterday it was time to branch out into something new.

This morning I brought her some art supplies and loaded her tablet with a video on how to make ceramic decals. She claimed she isn’t an artist and couldn’t possibly do this, but I know otherwise. She is inventive and has a good eye for these types of projects. I told her I couldn’t wait until she made me something to hang on my wall.

She called me tonight and said she is thinking about making me something for my dining room. She sounded a lot happier on the phone. I am sure I will love whatever she makes me.

An Afternoon Hobby

I had a few hours off yesterday afternoon and decided to indulge in my favorite hobby of house shopping. I love to go through model homes and see their room configurations and decorating ideas. I always come away with something I can use to update my own home.

The model houses I saw yesterday were in a new subdivision being built. They are all high-end homes and have the latest features. They are all being built with matching appliances and electronics. They even have a Bolton CCTV system so parents can see what is happening around the home.

The houses were quite impressive overall, and they offered a large variety in building styles. There were only three models, but the builder’s representative said they are willing to custom build homes as well.

I now have a few more remodeling and decorating ideas for my house. I hope my husband likes them and agrees to do them.

The Alien

The aliens had found a way to make their excess sweat slime into a product that humans would enjoy. The slime was a multiple use device that could conform into different things. What you could do with the slime was absolutely endless. The aliens knew that they were going to be very wealthy off of their very own slime. This made them ecstatic. They didn’t know how they were going to get the humans on bored. The aliens decide to think over their favorite alien meals squid with human hairs. One of the aliens was very business wavy and decided in order to get the humans to like their slime that they must hire brand ambassadors. He was obviously the smartest alien in this given circumstance and every one knew it.